Mamba is a creative studio based in Mexico and Morocco since 2018. We mostly work on graphic design and packaging projects for clients around the world. Our goal is to help brands come to market and offer their products creatively and effectively.
We are passionate about storytelling and to express messages through illustrations, textures, color, papers, and materials. We have worked with entrepreneurs and companies from around the world and sometimes, only for ourselves but always in concepts and projects in which we believe and that we embrace.
We are absolutely in love with what we do and we do it with passion and honesty. We believe that creativity is a process and a driving force of the world.
Art Direction Brand & Identity Design
Social Media
Product Design & Packaging
Graphic of the container
Graphic adaptation to Packaging 
Lookbook Collateral & Stationery
Patterns & Textiles

Book Design

Working with Mamba
If you are interested in working with us or would like to hear more about our design process, pricing kit, reservation and further information, feel free to drop us an email: or for inquiries.
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