Koryphé: Premium Food Plant.
Koryphé is a digital-first sustainable gardening brand in Germany with the mission of nurturing people's gardens.
The world of plants is full of color, using black as the base of the design has been an disruptive choice. It is well known that it is the color we associate with the premium world. We reinterpret the existing codes of premium and brought them to the plant care aisle.
The label shows a central composition where bright and high-contrast images of plants stand out, emerging from a green circle, as if coming out of the bag itself. For the logo, we selected a classic serif typeface as the base, and added gestures reminiscent of nature. On the monogram, we can even see the letter K with fruity elements.
The art direction we used the look and feel of the Scanography technique: saturated colours and dramatic contrasts to pop out the main character: the nature.
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